Dawning and Daylight
Charmin & Shapira
In our debut collaborative effort "Pure Imagination" we showcased our unique musical insight into the Great American Songbook. With this release, it is immediately evident that our group has expanded its musical boundaries and truly come into its own. We are joined by four outstanding veterans of the Twin Cities jazz scene: Nathan Norman on drums, Tom Lewis on bass, Paul Harper on tenor saxophone and Dave Schmalenberger on congas. The result is a modern approach to classic standards and jazz tunes alike.
Jan. 1, 2010


Charmin Michelle
Joel Shapira
Paul Harper
Tom Lewis
Nathan Norman
Dave Schmalenberger
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West Coast Blues
Nica's Dream
I Remember You
In Walked Bud
You and the Night and the Music
I Thought About You
Weep No More
Beautiful Love
I'll Remember April (instrumental)
Never Let Me Go

Reviews for Dawning and Daylight

Critique: "Dawning and Daylight" (CD)
Leslie Connors
Jazz Times

“Dawning and Daylight” is the kind of album that should be released on vinyl. It has that Southern roots feel to it, offering a slice of Americana that most contemporary jazz recordings eschew. Smooth but not smooth jazz, “Dawning and Daylight” is an alternative to the cookie-cutter commercialism that has infected the genre for decades now. Charmin and Shapira cover well-worn jazz staples with the no-frills arrangements and bluesy undertow that immortalized them to begin with.

Vocalist Charmin Michelle and guitarist Joel Shapira make an attractive pair, and they seem to feed off one another. On “I Remember You,” Shapira’s slinky guitar weaves through the curves of Michelle’s steamy delivery. Michelle comes across like a female version of Nat King Cole; like Cole, there is an icy quality to her singing that stems from a profound heartache. On “Weep No More,” she is absolutely stunning, caressing the ears with tender, lovelorn singing as Shapira hypnotizes with a slow-hand groove.

Feb. 9, 2011
Charmin and Shapira, "Dawning and Daylight"
Andrea Canter
Jazz Police

If you live in or near the Twin Cities, you are probably already familiar with the succulent duo sounds of songbird Charmin Michelle and guitarist Joel Shapira, the longstanding “Charmin and Shapira.” And if they are a new find, what a treat! As on their debut release, Pure Imagination (2005), on the new Dawning and Daylight they augment the ensemble with “friends” Paul Harper (tenor sax), Tom Lewis (bass), and Nathan Norman (drums), and this time, on two tracks, bring in Dave Schmalenberger on congas.

Feb. 10, 2011